FarmX’s mission is to make our customers more efficient & profitable.  Farmers are under increasing pressure to improve their operating efficiency by reducing their use of expensive critical resources like water, electricity, fertilizer and labor while increasing their output. Traditional farm management practices are rapidly falling behind the pace of change in data-driven decision making. FarmX is the only company that delivers a complete view of the farm from ‘sky to soil’ through a combination of satellite, aerial and drone imaging with our diverse in-field sensor network. This accurate information is used by our AI/ML engines to deliver actionable recommendations for granular irrigation management and control, fertilizer management, yield risk mitigation, and yield forecasting. We also provide customers with a set of automation solutions that leverage robotics for field scouting, anomaly detection, irrigation management and spraying. Our solution increases profitability through a combination of reductions in labor and material resources with improvements in quality and yield.

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